Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness Day May 15

May 15 2012 will be the first ever annual hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) awareness day. The day is being run by the organisation Hyperemesis Education & Research Foundation (HER). HG sends some 285,000 women to the hospital in the U.S. each year.

There is virtually nothing known about hyperemesis gravidarum. There are theories as to what causes it (but no one knows for sure), there are some remedies that may help but usually do not, and a vague link to it being genetic. Recent studies have also indicated that HG can affect our children into their adult lives. There is certainly no cure, and no real effective treatment. So as you can see for an illness that effects so many women and can be potentially fatal.

I suffered terribly with HG during my pregnancy with my little monkey and have talked about my own HG experience previously and the after effects a year later.

I urge you all to go to the HER website and read about what HG is and how it affects a sufferers life (and the lives of those around them). Assist with their research programs where possible, and most of all promote awareness where you can.


Recovering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum

It’s amazing that a year on from giving birth and two years on from being pregnant with hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), and I still feel the effects of HG. Mostly it is in how or what I eat. It was hard enough with the “do not eat” list you are given at the start of your pregnancy that lets face it has ALL the good stuff on it. Then I had the “can not keep down” list which made it hard to eat a decent meal, especially when I was taken back off my anti nausea drugs. I deliberately avoided my “comfort” foods as I did not want to be turned off them. For a long time I lived mostly on cheese and crackers with some jelly beans, toast, and cheese twisties thrown in.

I confess when my son was born and suddenly I was not constrained I went a little nuts eating everything I couldn’t previously like soft serve ice cream, or salami. I justified it was ok, I thought “I had lost all that weight so I need to put it back on so hand over that donut” But there were some things I wouldn’t touch, and probably will never be able to eat again like ginger or Jelly, and perhaps jelly beans (they are on the “not too keen on them” list).

Now I won’t totally blame HG for my eating woes. I am a fussy eater. Always have been always will be. But before HG I had been making a serious conscious effort to eat stuff I normally wouldn’t. It had been working to a point.

I got turned off soo many foods as well. Strangely I can not eat a Subway ham sandwich on honey oat bread ever again. I had it a few times while sick and now the thought of it make me remember those horrible times. I can eat a ham sandwich on any other type of bread they do just not honey oat. Now so much food reminds me of that time, and I really can not bring myself to eat it.

So I have been learning to modify stuff. For instance the Subway sub; I changed the bread and suddenly I can eat my beloved ham sub again. Likewise vegetables I am slowly eating again but changing the sauce or how I cook it. Seems stupid and yes I believe it is a total mental thing but it is working for me.

Also I have been discovering new foods. I actually ate octopus end of last year. Ok hubby had to cut the little sucker things off before it would pass my lips, BUT I TRIED IT. I had never eaten it before, had always been repulsed by those little tentacles (didn’t want the little octopus hanging on as it went down). But when it is just a lump of white meat it was deemed safe in my mind. Also it tasted kinda bland and rubbery. Wont be rushing back but I attempted it and that makes me super proud of myself. I even ignored the small cooked bits of onion in my meat pie the other day (well to a point then it all got too much and I scooped the meat out and ate the pastry *sigh* baby steps people).

I think it will take a long time for me to over come the phobias about food I developed while I had HG, perhaps I never will. But I am working hard to over come it and that is the main thing. So while I am working on getting over the phobias I am going to have another slice of cake!

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Pregnancy is supposed to be one of the most wonderful times of your life. All the books and people say when you get over that horrible period of morning sickness, you come out the other side glowing, radiant, and happy. But what if you don’t? what if the vomiting doesn’t stop, you look like the living dead, and you are seriously considering changing your name to Marvin the robot because you feel that depressed. Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) literally means “excessive vomiting in pregnancy”. It is debilitating and crippling on so many levels.


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