Cleaning Failure – But it Was Spectacular

Wow I just realised how long ago it was I last posted. Life just got incredibly busy over the last few months and my focus was else where. So to make up for it I hopefully have a funny tale to tell you.

No one would ever accuse me of being a domestic goddess. I know the basics to clean but I really am not very good at it. I just don’t seem to have that gene in me.

My story starts with great intentions. I had a day off at home, alone, so a perfect time to do those chores I tend to put off when little monkey is around (you know mop the floors, or clean the shower anything that involves water and could cause slippage and head banging).

The washing machine had finished its load and I pulled out the mattress protector. I realised to late that the spin cycle had really done nothing for getting water out of my mattress protector and water went everywhere. Ok I can deal water dries pretty quick. All good. Mattress protector went into the dryer and I turned the machine on.

Next thing I know the clothes washing powder box is falling off the dryer and spraying powder all over my nice wet floor.

Awww crackers and cheese.

Now I had a sludgy colourful mess on my floor. Wonderful. This would clearly require more effort. Now if you think things were going bad previously you would be wrong. This is where things went bad.

In my infinite wisdom I thought “well the powder is wet now, I can’t vacuum it, so why don’t I just wash it down the drain. Yea brilliant idea what could possibly go wrong”. So I filled up my bucket with water and stood behind the pile of soggy powder facing the drain and dumped my water aiming for the drain.

Well I don’t think I need to paint a picture of what happened next water, sludgy powder and now soap suds went everywhere. Realising my mistake I slid across the floor and got more water (cos clearly that will make it better) and kept furiously pouring water on the floor and pushing the excess down the drain.Eventually the floor stopped having a bubble effect look, and was not slippery. This though took several trips to the tap, the help of a mop and several towels.

Some how I defied the laws of gravity, physics and slipperiness and didn’t fall on my ass ( I suspect all the Gods of which ever belief are out there were laughing their access off at me) and now my floor is well super effing clean and not slippery. I think I missed my calling as an ice figure skating dancer cos I seriously owned that slippery floor.

So I think the lesson learned is next time either wait for the powder to dry and vacuum it up or just use your hands and scoop the mess up.

Hope you had a laugh and I am currently working on several posts that should be coming up over the next few weeks.


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