The Inequality of Toys

There is nothing more fulfilling then giving a toy to your child. Watching their joy and happiness as they play with the toy is rewarding (and addictive). But not all toys are created equal, and already with 21 month old child I have encountered the three main reactions from a child when receiving a toy.

Reaction 1: Immense Happiness.

I don’t need to explain this one, you know which one I mean. There are shouts of glee, possibly squealing, a smile from ear to ear, laughter, hugs, and everything in between. This is what giving presents is all about. When a present hits the mark, you nailed it, you’re a winner. Everyone is happy.

Reaction 2: Complete Indifference

This is when  you get the blank stare, if your lucky. Maybe you will get a look between the toy and yourself as their eyes say clearly “WTF? What is this rubbish? Do I look like I would play with a limited edition Jedi Knight Light Saber?” Most of the time it’s just a turned back as they ignore your toy completely. Something you think will be a smash will get the cold shoulder as your child picks up an empty plastic bottle and plays with it for the next hour.

Reaction 3: Absolute Hatred

This is possibly the worst reaction. When you get tears, screaming, and  if you are really unlucky a meltdown. Sometimes removing the toy out of sight will be enough. But in extreme circumstances, the toy has to be removed from the house completely. I can pretty much guarantee this will happen with the $100 or more present you bought and not the el cheapo $10 one.

Whatever the reaction you get, make sure you have a video camera handy because it can make for some pretty funny moments.

Do you have any recommendations or tricks for getting the right toy?


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