Toilet Training

We have been actively toilet training since Easter way back in April. We are not trying any particular method as such other than “Nappy free”. Luckily we live in the tropics so we can do this with out too much effort. We regularly take our little monkey to the toilet and we ask him if he needs to go. Mostly we do ok. He still hasn’t grasped the idea that he can go by himself.

It most certainly has not been smooth sailing. Anecdotally people say that boys generally learn slower than girls. I wouldn’t know I don’t have a daughter and certainly can’t remember my own toilet training days. For instance the asking to go to the toilet has now turned into an epic fail. Our little monkey seems to be exercising his control over toilet training. So any questions no matter how worded pertaining to the toilet usually ends in a loud and resounding NO. Usually the toilet questioning goes like this:

“Little monkey do you need to go to the toilet?”


“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure”

“Are you really sure?”

“Sure sure”

Just today I could see  a little bit of (sorry TMI coming up) poop hanging out (thank goodness he was outside) and I said “Little monkey let’s go to the toilet” “No” “But you need to go” “No” “I can see the poo” “No”.  I then sat in both horror and surprise as he crawled across the ground trying examine the poop coming out of him. Other times He will say no and then promptly wee. I don’t recall reading about how to deal with this situation in any child rearing book or toilet training guide.

Usually though we see the signs and get him to the toilet on time. I must also confess Day Care is wearing the brunt of toilet training as he is nappy free at day care (he actually does REALLY well at day care). But he seems to really respond to going with other kiddies on those little children toilets so at day care he rarely has an accident.

Like everything else concerning parenting there are so many different methods to how to toilet training. We are using of a mixture of a few techniques. Unsure if it is working but it is doing the trick so far. I have a couple of tips that we have found out fist hand (and anecdotally):

  1. Do not lose it and yell when your child has an accident – This one is hard especially hard when your tired and its the 3rd wee on the floor in a row. But it is probably the most important as I have heard to many stories of toddlers who refuse to go to the toilet after being yelled at.
  2. If necessary try different potties – your child might just not like the style of potty you have. We had little success with out potty but as soon as we got the step-ladder that attaches to your toilet we had a lot more success.
  3. Your toddler will probably regress – this seems to be almost a certain. So many people have told me that their fully toilet trained toddler will all of sudden stop being toilet trained. Usually due to stress, illness or a major change in the family.
  4. Use rewards – Find out what makes your little one tick. Maybe just applause and praise will work, or stickers, or treats. Our little monkey only gets stickers when he goes to the toilet so it is a reward for him.

Either way I can see we have a long way to go before we can claim our little man to be fully toilet trained.

Any tips for toilet training is appreciated.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. stacybuckeye
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 11:08:07

    Oh dear, I am NOT looking forward to this AT ALL! I’ve lost track of how old Little Monkey is and at what age you started.


    • Caspette
      Jun 04, 2012 @ 13:38:01

      In april this year he as 2 years and 1 month. So he is still quite young (so I have been told) for toilet training. We had him nappy free for big chunks of the day since he could walk so roughly from age one. I think that helped because all the “fright” about poos happened in a “safe” environment. The first couple of times he cried when he did them on the ground outside. But then he became fascinated and thats when we graduated to the toilet 🙂 If you want to email me and ask more questions feel free 🙂


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