Weaning Is All About Timing

We are now one month completely and totally breast milk weaned. I thought it was going to be harder than it was, that there would be tears, tantrums and late nights. But there wasn’t. I felt jipped. Now how am I supposed to regale people in the future of a weird or funny story from when we tried to wean our son?

Realistically weaning started when our little monkey started day care full-time, but I didn’t want to admit it to myself. I still breast feed mornings and night-time (and during the night), also on weekends. Eventually, ever so slowly this reduced to once a night. With out me noticing my son was weaning himself but still needed booby when upset, or tired. I started to think exit strategy. I always knew I wanted him weaned by two but had not really considered how we would achieve this.

While on holiday in September my little monkey started demanding booby milk. He would walk up and pull down my shirt (which lead to some awkward moments) and laugh or cry (depending on his mood). To me this signalled he was ready to wean. If he can demand booby he can demand a cup of milk or water, or even a plate of food.

Again though we weren’t sure how to properly wean. But October rolled around and I decided “this is it, I am drawing a line in the sand, from this day no more booby”. Of course that night our little man woke with a fever and cried the whole night. Hubby kept saying “just give him some booby milk” and I resolutely refused saying “if we can’t make it through this then we are never going to properly wean him”. I must admit I wavered, I doubted myself, I felt sad over this change…..I nearly gave in. I started thinking that Indigenous tribes woman look with the boobs down near her ankles could totally work, they just never had a decent bra right?

That weekend was the hardest and hubby had to step in a few times to give milk in a sippy cup or take our little man away. I couldn’t settle him to sleep because it upset him. But slowly this lessened and I was able to go near him without fear of a crying fit or having my shirt ripped off. I also had to wean myself of the internet again which is how I spent my new found time.

By the end of the following week he was weaned and we haven’t looked back.

To be honest I think it was all due to timing. Our little monkey was ready. If I had tried earlier we probably would have failed epically and we both would have been a sobbing mess in the corner. If you can afford too (I know it is not always your choice to wean sometimes there are extenuating circumstances) then let your baby/toddlers cues guide you when they are ready to wean.

I am so grateful my weaning process went so well. I would love to hear any other weaning stories as everyone’s experiences seem to be so different.


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  1. LiteraryFeline
    Dec 04, 2011 @ 01:56:25

    I am starting to get pressure from my daycare provider and a couple of coworkers (male) about weaning soon–well by a year. I had always wanted to breastfeed for at least a year but doubted I would make it that long. It almost 9 months and while teeth may make me want to give up sooner, that year mark is looking good. Except. I really want to do it your way and wait until Mouse is ready to wean too. I mentioned that to my daycare provider and she made a face. The American Pediatrics Association recommeds a year or more. Everyone around me seems to focus


  2. LiteraryFeline
    Dec 04, 2011 @ 02:00:03

    (continued) on the year, forgetting the “or more” part.

    I am obviously going to do it my way, but I have a feeling it will only get harder with such attitudes surrounding me.


  3. LiteraryFeline
    Dec 04, 2011 @ 02:02:17

    Oh and my daycare provider, who I love dearly, is already giving me weaning advice and pushing for me to begin at 11 months. 😦


    • caspette
      Dec 05, 2011 @ 20:53:18

      It’s a shame you are getting pressure about it. The World Health Organisation says exclusively for 6 months then up to two (with complimentary feeding). We found when we moved the little monkey on to cows milk he became less dependant on breast milk, and when he ate more normal food (rather then pick and nibbled) I was happier to force the issue as it became clear the breast feed had become a comfort thing not a need thing. I will email you separately if you would like with what we did exactly?


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