Welcome Mr President

This week was an important week for my little corner of the world; President Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States of America rolled into town. This was a huge deal for the locals and we were giddy with excitement that such a powerful person was visiting us, a small little city literally in the middle of no where. But then we learned that there was to be no public appearances, and to say we were disappointed would only come close to describing how we felt. The closest the general public got to President Obama was to watch, from a distance, Air Force Once land and later take off and some really lucky people got to see the motorcade drive past with a glimpse of the great man inside. We had to be content with watching the great man’s visit from our living rooms on TV.

I really wanted my little monkey to see President Obama in the flesh. So I was personally very disappointed when the news broke of no public appearances. As we were sitting in the comfort of our home watching President Obama speak to the troops at our local base it dawned on me that it was really was a good thing we hadn’t been able to see him in person. That maybe, just maybe,  the White House had actually done us a favour by being uber, super, paranoid and locking down our city to everyone including the locals.

Why would I say something like that I hear you ask? (cos yes deep down I know you really want to know the answer) Well there are firstly the obvious reasons; it would have been packed with people (i hate crowds). It was a hot and humid day (I hate crowds and heat together, just a bad combo). We probably would not have seen much (i am a shorty so chances were good I wasnt going to see much, and cop and elbow to the head), and it was the end of the day so we would have been tired and hungry (I hate crowds, heat, being elbowed in the head and being hungry with a passion). Then the traffic out of the CBD would have been nuts (locals don’t normally have traffic jams longer then 10 minutes, so anything longer is torturous for us).

Then there are the toddler related reasons; little monkey would be tired and hungry, realistically would not have seen anything, he just didn’t care, and we would have been dealing with an epic melt down later.

My Little monkey currently has no idea who Barack Obama is or his significance to the world, and certainly doesn’t care that the President visited our little corner of the world. If President Obama had worn a coloured skivvy, busted out a Wiggles song, demonstrated his leetness as an Angry Birds player, or rocked up in a fire truck; then our little monkey just wouldn’t have noticed him.

In fact the only thing that sparked our little guys interest (despite all our best efforts) about the live telecast on TV was when President Obama stepped into his plane; which resulted in our little man excitedly yelling “PLANE!”. He then spent the remainder of the telecast watching Air Force One taxi down the run way while randomly proclaiming “plane”. Sorry Obama according to our 20 month old, your plane is far more interesting and exciting. Air Force One was awesome, President Obama was not.

The reality is there is no way our little monkey would have remembered this day let alone appreciate it’s significance and the fact “he was there”or not. So really dragging our little guy out to see the President (if Public appearances were allowed) would have been for only one persons benefit, mine. Which in the long run would have back fired spectacularly when after the event I would have been dealing with a tired, hungry and mostly cranky toddler on a 30 minute drive home.

So I really started thinking about why we drag our babies and toddlers to such things? I can’t see how they get any real benefit out of it, other than the prestige of saying “I was there” when they are older. It is not like seeing some one of significance will have a profound impact on their lives at this age. Obviously if you are going to an event for yourself it is different, but now I wonder if there is value in taking your child for their sake? Is there a right answer to this answer? probably not.

But having said all of that if I got the opportunity again, I would take my little monkey to see some visiting dignitary without hesitation. Who said I have to be logical and rational?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. LiteraryFeline
    Nov 19, 2011 @ 19:57:25

    I am sorry you both didn’t get to see President Obama. I still remember when the Queen of England visited the city I was living in. I was about 8 or 9 and my school class went to see her. We saw her from afar and only for a minute, but it is a moment I have never forgotten.


    • caspette
      Nov 20, 2011 @ 12:48:57

      I believe I saw the Queen when I was a baby but cant remember (obviously). I am disappointed we didn’t get to see The President but apparently he promised to come back so maybe we will give another chance one day 🙂 It was so exciting though to even see Air Force One!


  2. stacybuckeye
    Nov 23, 2011 @ 13:39:05

    Very cool that President Obama visited your town! And, really, probably good that you didn’t have to go through the hassle of trying to see him 🙂 VP Biden came to our little town last month to visit and speak to a small business which was cool , but not open to the public.


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