How much do we really influence our children?

this question comes ot mind as i was picked up from the train station by my “Mr Mum” hubby and 2 girls. all wearing MANCHESTER Utd Shirts. My poor girls will follow this team for their formative years out of the simple reason that they know no different. Everything we do as parents shape the human beings that our gorgeous babies will become. I gotta tell you, that thought is the scariest part of being a parent (well that and looking at old pictures of my house and laughing at our naiveity regarding “child friendly” furnishings) – the rule in my house: if it ain’t broke, give my eldest 5 minutes 🙂

I see people complaining about “christmas and easter being taken out of schools” and whinging that nobody sings our national anthem anymore. I say instead of sitting behind a keyboard complaining -TEACH your child the values most important to you, after all this is what they take with them into the “real” world.

The greatest gift we can give our children is a solid feeling of a place in the world and the confidence and moral foundations to carve their place in the future.


just some late thursday night ramblings – made it on my submission day by40 minutes girls hehehe



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  1. Caspette
    Aug 28, 2011 @ 09:32:36

    I completely agree. To many people seem to rely on school and society to teach values these days. If you want your child to say please and thank you then teach it. If you want them to value Christmas as more then just a holiday with gifts you have to teach it.

    While yes we probably do heavily influence our kids in their formative years, I hope that all we are really doing is laying the ground work for them to make responsible decisions in their adulthood.


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