100 Purple Flowers

Today we have a special guest blogger. Her name is Cherise and she is a wife, mum to three adorable little girls (twins who are 4 and the youngest 17 months), and a stay at home mum. Currently she is working to turn her passion into a business, and this is her story.

We all know how hard it is to get stuff done around the house with little people in tow……..now imagine trying to make 100 purple flowers out of icing. Yes 100 purple flowers out of fondant icing with 3 little people! Am I mad? My husband thinks so! Now let me ask how many of you would work for $5 an hour or less? No takers?? Well that’s what this resident work from home mum gets paid to make cakes. Sometimes I just do it for the love and cover my expenses. My husband tells me he wouldn’t scratch his balls for $5 an hour and he loves doing that lol

I really love baking and creating, so at the moment while I’m starting out it will do. This month has been stressful though. A going away cake, a baptism cake and a wedding cake with 100 purple flowers.

The going away cake was easy, the baptism cake led to a semi breakdown and these 100 flowers are going to take me ALL week. Many thanks to the three little people who really want to help mummy make playdoh flowers. Ahhhh thanks but no thanks. So for now I am working nights. After the monkeys go to bed mummy stays up to make flowers. 17 down only 83 to go. Another late night for this mummy tonight ☺ Fingers crossed 100 purple flowers doesn’t send me screaming to the nutthouse.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Caspette
    Aug 28, 2011 @ 09:36:57

    Did you get the flowers completed?

    It’s great you are taking a chance and following your dream even if at the moment it is more hard work then reward (as in pay off). When your kids are all in school you can get really serious about it.

    Thank you for the great perspective on being a stay at home mum. It is certainly not as easy as people would think!


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