The Little Issue of Censorship

I have always thought of myself as pretty open-minded. Willing to give things a go and form my own opinion. I had planned to raise my child the same, letting him explore the world and form his own conclusions when given the facts (with in reason obviously I would not let him watch an R rated movie at 16 months).

But the other day I was discussing with a mummy friend kids tv shows. It started off innocently enough, pointing out some random inconsistencies with some children’s shows.Like how is the children in Richard Scarry’s Busy Town can drive cars, or why does Peppa Pig wear shoes. We then moved on to shows we thought were weird, which transformed into what happened to old school shows like Looney Toons or Disney cartoons.

So how does this relate to censorship? well it got me thinking further, over lots of previous discussions on shows we hate or don’t let our kids watch. I myself refuse to have anything to do with In The Night Garden (I am convinced that everyone involved with that show is on drugs). Yet I love Timmy Time which when I think about it logically is roughly the same thing. Little cute characters making bizarre noises and being as uber cute as possible. Not much story line, not much “educational” value. Yet I am happy for my monkey to watch Timmy Time and wont have a bar of In The Night Garden. It seemed pretty innocent a conversation at the time, but when I really thought about how is not letting my little monkey not watch a show because I don’t like it any different to censorship?

So that’s brought me to the main point of this post; when is it censorship, appropriate viewing, or  forcing your views/opinions on your child? It seems to be a pretty gray area, I can not work it out. On one hand my little monkey doesn’t know or care the I am not letting him watch In The Night Garden, yet I know the main reason he doesn’t watch the show is because I make damn sure it isn’t on. Luckily though my little monkey is not really interested in TV and the few shows he does watch are educational (mostly).

So what makes one kids show any better than another? Is it just our own perceptions of what a good show should be? Or should we just let children watch what they want too and make their own minds up? I would like to think that if my little monkey developed a sudden love of In The Night Garden I would be big enough to let him watch it. But I am realistic enough to acknowledge that I would probably make sure the remote had disappeared and the tv was unplugged from the wall before the stupid show came on.

So what is the answer? no idea. I guess just go with what you and if they are in the picture, your partner are comfortable with. It’s a tricky mind field and every one will have an opinion. Good luck with your own decisions!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kell
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 21:25:55

    I remember that conversation! I often worry that what I let them/don’t let them watch is based on my own opinions. Trying to be more open minded.


    • caspette
      Jul 27, 2011 @ 18:42:52

      LOL I know! Would you believe we are actually watching In the Night Garden tonight. After writing that post I thought “no I have to let little monkey make the decision, if he doesnt like it he wont watch it”.


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