The Great Toy Sales – Shopping Etiquette

In Australia, the season for the mega toy sales is here. Why are they so big? for one, all three major stores (Big W, K-Mart and Target) have heaps of toys reduced in price. Another reason is said toys can be lay-byed (lay-away to our overseas readers) till Christmas! There are some great bargains to be snapped up in this sale period, and some excellent toys become available that may not normally be in the stores.

But like the Boxing Day sales, something comes over the normally happy shoppers who venture into the stores to purchase their toys. Suddenly they become meaner, shifty-er, sneaky-er and more ruthless. The shopper who normally would be happy to let the little old lady go first down the aisle, would now mow her down with a trolley, back up and take another swipe if it meant getting that LAST toy. While on one hand that is a rather extreme example, I have heard far to many stories of out of control shoppers doing insane things at sales.

Fortunately the worst thing I have had happen to me was a woman run, yes run to beat me to an aisle. She threw a triumphant smile over her shoulder as she sauntered down. I didn’t have the heart to say I had no interest in being in that particular aisle and that I was only going down it so I could get out of that section. So she raced for nothing.

So anyway it got me thinking. What are some basic shopping etiquette tips to stop you from turning to something even the incredible Hulk would think twice about annoying?

  • Unless you are the Queen or A President, or maybe even Katy Perry NEVER EVER queue jump.
  • If you can do not go against the crowd. If you do acknowledge the person who has stopped to let you through and thank them.
  • Avoid biting, scratching, hissing, screaming, or any thing else resembling an ally cat fighting.
  • Avoid screaming (or muttering darkly) “you’re going down bitches” or other such nasty comments, unless you really want a black eye.
  • There is no need to abuse, harangue, or yell at staff. They are just doing their job, and are probably as overwhelmed as you are with all the people. But if you want to give some one an excellent “man I met the worst customer ever” type story go right ahead, or if your really lucky security will be called and you will be hauled away yelling and screaming.
  • If you will be going when there is a good chance of crowds don’t take the kids. Seriously just don’t do it yourself. Your sanity and fellow shoppers will thank you.
  • If you need help from the sales assistants, be as specific as possible.
  • If you need to make a complaint keep your cool, and stick to the facts. Ranting (no matter how justified) at the service desk staff will only induce the “ice” stare and a less than helpful attitude.
  • Dont block aisles with your shopping cart, this will not stop people getting past you and may result in having abuse hurled in your direction.
  • Do not push or crowd the counter, it will not get you served any quicker.
  • Keep phone calls to a minimum while in the store packed with people. No one really wants to know how many poopy nappies you have changed, or what strange object your dog hacked up, or even that your Grandma was arrested for streaking (ok people might be curious about that one). Like wise no one wants to hear you negotiating the next big deal. Save your phone calls till you are outside of the shop, or keep them short and sweet.

Or you could save yourself a tonne of pain and agony and shop online as all three major shopping retailers offer online lay-by service for the sales. I actually know a lot of people this year who are taking this option.

Big W and K-Mart’s sales start this Friday and Target’s toy sale starts towards end of July.

Happy shopping!

Have you got any other etiquette tips? or things that shoppers do that drive you nuts? I would love to hear them or your own funny shopping rage story.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. D
    Jun 29, 2011 @ 09:10:43

    I am so very glad that I dont have to deal with that, Kmart I print off the list and go straight to the counter, so will be doing that at 8am on the 30th and Big W ive already spend $$$ on a layby that will brighten my princesses christmas (swingset and trampoline plus a few other little peices). So my shopping is offically done…after Target last year I would never do that to myself again. People are just INSANE….when it comes to toy sales, ive never been silly to go to the boxing day sales, too busy for me, when id rather be drinking and celebrating in style preparing for a new year.


  2. tamking11
    Jul 05, 2011 @ 11:47:42

    I braved Big W. Because I refused to pay for delivery on online purchases when I could just be patient for a couple of hours, sans children and do it in store.

    I had a surprisingly good experience. The lines were long, but people were kind, patient and willing to help others. There were no cue jumpers, and only one group of teenagers hauled out in handcuffs after getting caught shoplifting and taking swings at the security guards who detained them. (Seriously, if you want to shoplift don’t pick the week that there are three times the store staff around to catch you!).

    I’ll go again next year. Big W won me over because of their no deposit laybuy. I had $50 in my account, but still managed to get toys for Christmas and birthday’s well into next year.

    I’m stoked.


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