iPhone Apps for Babies/Kids

I thought I would share some iPhone applications I have found and love.

Smart Baby Apps – My First Words 

This is a flash card type app that lets you teach your baby/toddlers new words. There are various categories such as food, emotions, animals, transport, toys etc. This application for me is brilliant for two main reasons; one it uses photographs of the objects it is naming, and two it lets you record your own voice. I think this application is fantastic but I am sad to say it no longer seems to be availble to the Australian Apps store. Not sure why but I hope it is brought back ASAP.

my first words app

ABC For Kids – possibly Australia only
Is a free application that has music clips from ABC’s most popular childhood singers such as The Wiggles, and Justine Clark. The only draw back to this application is that the videos are not stored on your iphone (so you always need wireless connection), and the videos do randomly change.
Baby Piano
There is both a free and paid for version. I currently have the free one. This application turns your screen into a piano. This is great for babies as they can just touch the screen and get a reaction (music and squawking animal). As your child gets older there is a setting that shows them how to play songs (lights up the correct key). As a free application I think this is cute and fun.

Baby Karaoke – possibly Australia only
A fun and free little application that has some favorite nursery rhymes and plays them to fun little cartoons. The songs are ABC, Little Green Frog, Old Macdonald, Open Shut Them, and Row Row Row Your Boat. You can either play them with the voice and words or do it karaoke style

Playground Finder – possible Australia only
This is a great applications for finding nearby playgrounds. It lists what facicilites are availble (such as parking, toilets, bbq, and shade) and you can read reviews and see photos of the park, uploaded by other parents. You can also addd your own reviews and photos.


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  1. John Tubbs
    Jul 15, 2011 @ 19:01:03

    I would also recommend parents to pay attention to such an educational iPhone app for their kids as Kinder Hangman – http://sharkfuel.com/kinderhangman.html it is an interesting iPhone game that is helpful for child development and allows kids to learn new words quickly and effectively. Learning process is organized as an interesting game with graphical themes and animations. This game is recommended for kids of 5-10 years. Great app!


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