Mummy on mummy crime

We’ve all seen it, been a victim of it, heck some of us have even done it!

We are talking about mummy on mummy crime. Judging other mums, vocally on things like Disposable nappies vs MCN’s, formula vs breastfeeding & immunisations (3 of the biggies).

I have been judged on 2 of them and i personally judge women on the 3rd. It gets to the point where women that don’t do what the majority do feel alienated, which is a horrible feeling.

SO why do we do it? we learn in pregnancy that everyone (woman/man/giraffe) has an opinion on how we should give birth/feed/name our child, so why turn on the only people that understand our situation best?

In my case (immunisations) it’s because i cannot fathom the reasonings behind their decision to potentially expose their own child (as well as other children) to deadly diseases that could kill them.

Maybe myself and other mums need to remember the old addage:

“if you have nothing nice to say, keep it zipped ladies”


just my thought for the day.



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  1. Caspette
    Jun 10, 2011 @ 20:01:17

    I know we are our own worse enemies. When you think we would be most understanding sometimes we are our harshest critics.

    I am the same with people who dont immunise. I cant fathum their decision, while I respect it, I dont get it. Thus I just wont enter that conversation with someone.

    I do make a concious effort not to judge how other people parent no matter how much I dont agree with it. But its hard sometimes it really is but I do live by if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it.


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