Working Mum’s How Do You Do It?

On my online mothers group there was a comment recently about how the working mum’s “did it”. “It” being getting up during the night to tend to bub and then still making it to and through work. It got me thinking, being a full-time worker again, how do I do it?

So how do I do it? Well caffeine by thy name. Seriously caffeine – best invention ever. I was never a coffee drinker or coke drinker, just the occasional diet coke with a meal. But since being at work I have been hitting the diet coke like there is no tomorrow. I should just have it intravenously set up into my bloodstream. Hubby suggested reducing our diet coke intake and I swear I got the shakes on the spot!

Sugar is also a life line. Nothing beats a sugar buzz at 8:30am to keep you going till caffeine break time at 10amish.  I usually have a choc iced muffin for morning tea, followed by a hot chocolate, then finish off the arvo with a chocolate something something. Anything really I am not picky. If there is chocolate I am there. Oh sure I’m sure there are healthy alternatives, and I eat them too. Apples keep me going through the afternoons I am sure. But the instant rush from sugar is more often than not needed.

Forget about being on time to work. I used to be pedantic about being at work on time. 8am on the dot, it was a matter of pride. Now if I stroll in around 8:15 I consider that a good morning, and 8am is a freaking miracle. Luckily my manager is very understanding. But seriously my morning goes a little like this; I set my alarm, I turn it off and usually fall asleep. Wake up a half hour later (if I’m lucky). Leap out of bed with agility that would make an Olympic gymnast envious. Make breakfast, kick hubby out of bed, eat breakfast,  kick hubby out of bed again, get ready, get baby up and ready, pack bags, pack morning tea’s, and walk out the door. Now this is all when it goes according to plan. Normally one, or more, or all go horribly wrong on an epic scale. I try I really try, but I am always foiled and it doesn’t matter how much time I allocate, it is never enough. I have since learned to let go of my being on time analness. It was that or burst a blood vessel.

Think before you speak. So they say. But you really have to learn this mantra, because you will be as short-tempered as an ally cat whose fish was just stolen from it. I am not normally a confrontational person, I am pretty placid. But since having a baby and returning to work almost the first thing out of my mouth when some one is being a rude cow is “Oh hell no”. I used to just let people go when they were being rude and condescending but again now I will pull them up in no time flat. I refuse to allow myself to be walked over any more. While in some regards this is good I have to be more conscious than ever of “think before you speak”. Which is extremely hard when your very tired, on a sugar rush, and some little snot of a co-worker makes and extraordinarily dumb or bitchy comment, in fact it takes all my will power to not smack them upside the head and loose it at them.

Then you get home. Does up on caffeine or sugar and get started on your “home” work. Preparation of dinner, wash dishes, take garbage out, do other odd jobs, maybe watch a show or at least half a show, get baby ready for bed. Once baby is asleep you are then usually flying around doing last-minute things like showering, changing kitty litter, feeding cats, surf the net (checking emails etc), fall into bed exhausted and sleep. Forget sex. Seriously, just forget all notions of it, you will not be in the mood EVER. Tell your partner it wont happen till at least the weekend if he is lucky. Sleep will become the most important thing to you and getting to bed early will beat sex any time. Ask any new mum not just a working mum. Sorry fella’s your out of luck. Just deal with it.

But most of all you just adjust. You really get used to it. It slowly becomes all you ever know and you don’t think twice about it. Then eventually you don’t notice until someone says “I don’t know how you do it” and you think “actually I don’t know either?”.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ceallach
    May 25, 2011 @ 20:58:20

    When I was working full-time and pregnant with Char, everyone asked me how I did it, used to drive me nuts. You do what you have to!
    My hat is well & truly off to ALL mums, sahm or working


    • caspette
      May 25, 2011 @ 21:05:37

      I agree wether stay at home or working in a work place its a hard slog. These days I just smile and nod when asked at work how i do it. So now they think I am crazy and leave me alone LOL. Oh maybe I should of recomended that, make them think your crazy 🙂


  2. Rainbowg
    May 25, 2011 @ 23:17:56

    Bring on the caffeine!


  3. stacybuckeye
    May 30, 2011 @ 11:38:14

    I applaud all working moms, like you! My mom is here this weekend. She worked when I was growing up and I am a stay at home mom and we decided that it’s always appealing to think the other is better. Ideally, I’d have a part-time 15 hour a week job that would help me feel like a grown up sometimes 🙂


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