5 Things I Love About Being A Mom

In honor of mothers day we decided it might be fun to list what our top 5 things are that we love about being a mum.

Happy Mothers Day from the mummies of Tales from the Toy Box.


1. Cuddles, Kisses and Laughing with them.

2. Watching the kids play together

3. Hearing people compliment me, and my kids on how wonderful we all are (oh, my ego!)

4. Being responsible for their emotional, social ,physical and spiritual upbringing, and watching them become productive, valued members of society.

5. Loving them – it’s the easiest, most fulfilling part of my life.

It’s also nice that the youngest is five months, so I’m allowed to still be overweight for a few more months ;)


1. Full bodied round the neck cuddles (keeping in mind I have an 8 month old)

2. Every time my baby does something new

3. When her eyes light up and her arms wave and legs kick with excitement

4. Feeling of pride when my daughter is complimented

5. Joyful laughter when she is playing with her daddy


1. The way she smiles at me. Her whole face lightens up, her eyes crinkling ever so slightly. No matter my mood, her smile always melts away the stresses of the day.

2. Her little laugh. I’m not sure it counts as a real laugh just yet, but I love the sound of her squeals of delight and the way she kicks her legs and reaches with her arms when she is excited.

3. Seeing her with her father. The love between them is so precious.

4. Cuddling with my daughter after a feeding. She nuzzles up right against me and falls fast asleep. It’s so hard to put her down. I could hold her like that forever.

5. Watching her grow. She’s come so far in the past couple of months, and it is amazing the changes I’ve seen in her.


1. Learning to see the world through a childs eyes again.

2. The cuddles and smiles reserved just for me.

3. Learning, through my son, new sides to myself.

4. Learning the true meaning of unconditional love.

5. Reading together just before bed. This one is dear to my heart being an avid reader, my son now enjoys books and even hubby now reads to our son and with enthusiasm.


1. Sleepy Snuggles last thing at night and first thing in the morning, there is nothing more heart warming than the warm, sticky weight of a toddler.

2. Discovering things through the eyes of my son, little things are so much more beautiful when he is around. Although he does scare me a little when he imitates the things I do – throwing a bag over my shoulder and stuffing things in, licking my fingers when I eat finger food, or talking on the phone!

3. The way he socialises with other people, he waves to strangers in the mall, gets excited when he sees babies and the way he pretends to be shy when he gets overwhelmed and cuddles into my neck.

4. The gorgeous words he comes out with and the conversations we have in his own language while we play together and the serious look he gets on his face when we play together or chat and I’m not doing what he wants me to!

5. The way he calls me mum, and looks to me to fix things for him and the looks of adoration when I find/cook/give him something. I also love the wet kiffers (kisses) he gives and the way he looks at me and says lubbie lubbie (love).

Happy Mothers Day to everyone!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kell (ceallach)
    May 07, 2011 @ 23:34:35

    Beautiful words from beautiful ladies! love ya girls!


  2. Amy
    May 09, 2011 @ 04:49:48

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

    Bookish Kitty ~ it’s wonderful to read your list and “see” how happy you are!


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