First Day At Day Care – A Mummy’s Perspective

I was reflecting today on our day care “journey” to date. We have been very lucky that our son took too day care like a duck to water. I know not everyone’s experience first day or not is as easy as ours. No matter what your dropping off experience is like, after when you have the first day to yourself alone with out a baby, I think all parents go through a gamut of emotions about the day. Here is what my first day of my son in day care looked like:

  • Arrive at Day Care all happy and bright. While inside quivering with nerves. I had read the books, spoken to fellow mums, I knew what to expect. I was ready. Going to be strong in the face of my son’s distress. Game face was on!
  • Handed son over to the carer.
  • Watch as my son ignored me as we say goodbye.
  • Hung around awkwardly and watch him “just in case”.
  • Try desperately to not turn into a puddle of sobbing tears in front of the child care centre because he DIDN’T scream and cry, in fact he didn’t seem to care if I were there at all.
  • Take a few moments in the car; feel stupid, and tell myself it’s GOOD your child was fine with you leaving this is what you wanted right?
  • Cry some more because now you’re an awful mother for making your child go to day care and not staying home and be a stay at home mum.
  • Remember that you have to return to work in order to your provide for your child and tell yourself to “toughen up princess”.
  • Drive off and feel strange, both free and awful at the same time.
  • Have a nice lunch in a nice restaurant with hubby baby free!
  • Pretend you are not fretting and worrying that there is no possible way the child care workers can look after your child the way you can, and that you are scarring your child for life by putting him through this trauma.
  • Deep breaths.
  • Give into the guilt and go to the day care.
  • Find child is asleep and has been for a good hour.
  • Hang around awkwardly asking a gazillion questions of the child care worker (because if they are not caring for your child due to him being asleep then they can’t be busy), while half hoping child wakes.
  • Leave again.
  • Actually make it home and wonder briefly “now what?” have a vague sense I should be doing something but at the same time revel in my ME time.
  • Sit on my bum for a good hour….aaaahhhh bliss.
  • Munch on chocolates.
  • Contemplate the apple in the fridge but remember the ice cream in the freezer, eat that instead.
  • Finally give into that guilt gnawing at the back of my mind and go in to collect my son.
  • Find him playing happily on the mat.
  • Talk to the workers and get told what a wonderful little boy he is.
  • Son spots me and laughs happily and reaches for me.
  • My heart melts as I give your him big hugs.
  • The whole day is forgotten about in that moment.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. D
    May 05, 2011 @ 21:47:57

    LMAO- on reminds me of our first day of pre-school first time in any form of childcare setting, and she was fine me leaving her, INFACT she cried that she wanted to stay when I picked her up, goodness didnt I feel weird thinking OMG they are going to think im a bad mother and she doesnt want to come home with me, infact they probably werent thinking that, and in hindsight it was good she settled so quickly and loved being there lol


  2. stacybuckeye
    May 07, 2011 @ 11:47:18

    LOVE this post, Mandy! It is good that your son likes day care. Think of the guilt you would feel if he didnt!
    Speaking as a mom who does not have to go back to work, but needs a little ME time, I think day care can be a very good thing. I’m trying to find a place near us that can take Gage for 1 day a week so I can actually keep this house running!


  3. Mouth
    May 09, 2011 @ 12:36:36

    You’ll get used to it.


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