Recovering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum

It’s amazing that a year on from giving birth and two years on from being pregnant with hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), and I still feel the effects of HG. Mostly it is in how or what I eat. It was hard enough with the “do not eat” list you are given at the start of your pregnancy that lets face it has ALL the good stuff on it. Then I had the “can not keep down” list which made it hard to eat a decent meal, especially when I was taken back off my anti nausea drugs. I deliberately avoided my “comfort” foods as I did not want to be turned off them. For a long time I lived mostly on cheese and crackers with some jelly beans, toast, and cheese twisties thrown in.

I confess when my son was born and suddenly I was not constrained I went a little nuts eating everything I couldn’t previously like soft serve ice cream, or salami. I justified it was ok, I thought “I had lost all that weight so I need to put it back on so hand over that donut” But there were some things I wouldn’t touch, and probably will never be able to eat again like ginger or Jelly, and perhaps jelly beans (they are on the “not too keen on them” list).

Now I won’t totally blame HG for my eating woes. I am a fussy eater. Always have been always will be. But before HG I had been making a serious conscious effort to eat stuff I normally wouldn’t. It had been working to a point.

I got turned off soo many foods as well. Strangely I can not eat a Subway ham sandwich on honey oat bread ever again. I had it a few times while sick and now the thought of it make me remember those horrible times. I can eat a ham sandwich on any other type of bread they do just not honey oat. Now so much food reminds me of that time, and I really can not bring myself to eat it.

So I have been learning to modify stuff. For instance the Subway sub; I changed the bread and suddenly I can eat my beloved ham sub again. Likewise vegetables I am slowly eating again but changing the sauce or how I cook it. Seems stupid and yes I believe it is a total mental thing but it is working for me.

Also I have been discovering new foods. I actually ate octopus end of last year. Ok hubby had to cut the little sucker things off before it would pass my lips, BUT I TRIED IT. I had never eaten it before, had always been repulsed by those little tentacles (didn’t want the little octopus hanging on as it went down). But when it is just a lump of white meat it was deemed safe in my mind. Also it tasted kinda bland and rubbery. Wont be rushing back but I attempted it and that makes me super proud of myself. I even ignored the small cooked bits of onion in my meat pie the other day (well to a point then it all got too much and I scooped the meat out and ate the pastry *sigh* baby steps people).

I think it will take a long time for me to over come the phobias about food I developed while I had HG, perhaps I never will. But I am working hard to over come it and that is the main thing. So while I am working on getting over the phobias I am going to have another slice of cake!


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