Starting Solids.

When I wrote about this two weeks ago, I never imagined that the day for giving my not quite four-month old son would be today. Something happened this last week, my husband called it a growth spurt, I called it Karma. It’s karma for me opening my big yap and announcing that my son sleeps through. Almost immediately, when I hit “publish” it started. The waking up at four in the morning for no visible reason. We offer a dummy, he takes it and nods back off again, sleeping through till 530am. But still, the waking!

And then he started refusing the bottle altogether. I have guessed some of this is teeth related. The boy is dribbling like he’s trying to fill a pool, and his fists are constantly in his mouth. Something is going on in his teeth area, but something has also been going on in his tummy area, too. I think it’s empty.

After much uming and ahhing and googling today, my husband and I made the executive decision to start solids. No, he’s not six months yet. And I was hoping to not start him until then, but he has been making it very clear by chewing at us when we eat, and by opening his mouth when I eat something with a spoon that he wants himself some food. NOW. He’s clearly ready for it. So we made the leap.

It went surprisingly well! He spat out the first mouthful, as expected. Then he grinned, smacked his lips and opened his mouth for more. He finished the full two tablespoons of cereal I had mixed up, and acted as though he could go for more when he had finished. We left him at the two tonight, just to watch for allergies, reactions and upset tummies. So far, he’s had some bottle and gone to bed where he conked out immediately. The real test will be at 4am tomorrow morning. I am hoping this has him sorted, and that I’ve done the right thing.

We will keep him on the rice cereal for a couple of weeks, and then I will start adding pureed vegetables. Crossing fingers, and toes that this is not a big disaster like trying to get my daughter to eat, was.


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  1. Rainbowg
    Mar 23, 2011 @ 20:39:49

    Wow – signs really don’t get any clearer than that! Sounds like he is definitely ready to eat and likely to eat anything you give him. Good luck!


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