Dead Social Life – Your Doing It Wrong

Whoever said “when you have a baby, your social life dies” told a big whopping lie. They really lied, BIG time.

We have never been busier since the birth of our son.

I must confess we are homebodies. My partner and I like to stay home and do distinctly indoor activities, that does not involve the sun or sweating, or other such horrid things. Heck if it wasn’t for the whole living and breathing part one might accuse us of being vampires or something.

Since having our son though we have done a complete 360. Suddenly we find ourselves visiting many places we never would have gone to on our own, and nearly every week we have dinner/lunch with someone. If you are at a stay at home mum then there are also all the playgroups and baby activities around too.

Don’t get me wrong I think this is a good thing. We are like bears emerging from hibernation and discovering there is a different world outside to the one we left behind when we went into hibernation. Only last week we went to a local water park which is a 20 minute walk from our house. Previously we never went because we have our own pool and never saw the need. But the park was great and as we were leaving we were discussing possibilities for future birthday parties.

But this has all been a huge shock to our little homebodies system. We rebel a little and do “stay home and do nothing” weekends. Last week a cut loose and didn’t do the vacuuming! Oh yea do I know how to stick it to society or what. Rebel without a clue is me.

Going hand in hand with this new-found social life is a change in how we socialize. No more going to a friend’s place till 3am and then sleeping all of Saturday, now we are home by 9pm at latest and even then that is making us antsy (especially if our son is still awake), and we are usually in bed ourselves by 10pm maybe 11pm if we are feeling really rebellious. Then there is the sleep ins, and yes you do get a sleep in till 8am! Trust me this is a huge sleep in if you can get it.

Plus babies are great for getting OUT of things. It really is a great. All you do is put on your best “I am soooo sorry I would stay if I could” look on your face then utter the words ” I/we have to go, its past (insert name here) bed time and he/she is getting cranky”. Another phrase that works well is “I think he/she is coming down with something so we better go”. No one dares to argue with you.

I think the advice people should be giving is not that your social life dies a horrible but swift death; like but that it evolves into a completely different beast that has its advantages and disadvantages. So spread your little social butterfly wings and fly, enjoy this new type of social life. You can reclaim your old one when baby has grown up and left the nest.


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