Product Review: Little Me Organics: Yipeee Playtime Bath Bubbles

Little Me Organics: Yippeee Playtime Bath Bubbles

I picked this product up while on holidays as something nice and different.

Bubbles: I have to be honest there was not a whole lot of them. Now maybe this is because we don’t have a proper bath, just a deep shower base, which we turn into a small bath. So we don’t have water gushing out of tap to churn the water. But we have sat there swishing ours hands through the water vigorously with minimal success. There is about 2 cm max bubble height happening though, which really is enough.

Smell: Ok the smell is divine and really makes the product. I confess to having a sensitive nose to smells, and easily get headaches from perfumes and incense. But the smell os strong enough for you to notice but subtle enough it does not over power your sinuses.

Little Me Organics is a UK company that uses natural ingredients and oils to make their products. The Yipeee Playtime range “helps promote contentment and happiness whilst nurturing goodness into your little one’s skin. Treat delicate skin to silky smoothness and the beautiful aromas of Neroli, Rose and Organic Mandarin. The renowned uplifting properties of these Essential Oils awaken the senses, whilst helping skin stay healthy and keeping baby happy.” If you would like to view Little Me Organics product range just click on over to their website.

The beautiful smell out weighs the lack of bubbles (which I am not entirely sure is the products fault. could be user error). For a pleasant smelling bath experience for you and your baby, I do recommend this product even if it is just a “treat”.


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