Feeding the masses

I am a lousy cook. I’m also a fussy eater.

Neither of these things makes for good home cooked meals for the kids.

When Lucy was a baby she hated pretty much every thing I ever put in front of her. Unless it came out of a jar. I wish I was kidding here, but home-made mashed potato, pumpkin, peas, brocoli.. you name it, she would spit it. Even pureed fruits, jellies, custard that I made. Every night, week after week after week. One day I turned to a jar off food in pure desperation and she ate it. The whole jar. Talk about crushing my spirit!

But! I would persevere! I would cook more food for her, she would eat it! It would be healthy! Organic! Home Made!

It would be thrown on the floor, spat out, vomited up. You name it, she did everything with it, except actually consuming it.

It drove me to tears. I even resorted to feeding her home-made food out of empty Heinz baby food jars. It took me half an hour to clean it off the kitchen cabinets.

I’m pretty sure she was about nine months old when I just gave up, and started giving her jar food. I’ve since learned that it’s not actually my cooking, just my kid is as fussy as they come. (You know how people say, “They’ll eat when they’re hungry?”.. Yeah, not my kid. To this day she’s still small for her age because she STILL barely eats. It’s something I’ve had to adjust to, but at least now she’s old enough to bargain with).

My son Oliver is (almost) four months old. I’m already having night sweats just thinking about the fight I’m likely to have on my hands when it comes to starting him on solids, and he won’t be starting until six months.He fights every feed (formula) as it is. My daughter was exactly.the.same.

My kids sleep awesome. They just don’t eat.




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sera
    Mar 09, 2011 @ 18:05:46

    ry is a little the same, still prefers to eat jar food, only organics. the only brand he will eat. and he only likes stage 2 from a jar. anything lumpy he spits out, or pretends to gag on.. but when it comes to eating off mine, dh, grandma or grandpa’s dish. he’s right in there like a flash.

    funny isn’t it? although i’m determined that ry will eat healthier than i


  2. caspette
    Mar 09, 2011 @ 21:27:15

    My little man prefers jar food as well. Drives me bonkers. I ALWAYS offer what we are eating and I might get a nibble but unless its puree fruit he just isnt interested.

    Im terrified my little one will be as fussy as me. But he seems to eat well at day care so maybe I should just take what I can get?


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