Travelling with a Baby – By Plane Part 2

Recently we set off for our third trip away with our son. We were prepared. We had been here before and our son travelled brilliantly so why would this time be any different?

Well for one he could now crawl, and was cruising. So ALL he wanted to do was power crawl everywhere. No sitting or sleeping contentedly on the plane or while we waited in airports. Oh No, he wanted to move his little tuckus.

So we deployed all the tricks we had and they did worked well up to a point. Then the unhappiness started. I say unhappiness because thankfully our son at this stage is not really a tantrum thrower or a screamer (he is only just a year old though so give him time). But he got loud and he cried, which resulted in the “look” from other travellers.

So my biggest travel tip would now be; prepare for the inevitable tantrum. Because it is coming, it is just a matter of when. There is nothing you can do either except watch helplessly as the little nuclear bomb that is a baby/toddler tantrum goes off spectacularly.

In the end we just had to let him crawl. Luckily we had access to Qantas club, which is a more private area to wait between flights. We choose a corner not really inhabited by other people, then let our son loose. When even this failed finding a spot by the window overlooking the airport runways was another good distraction.

My next tip would be if traveling a fair distance or more than one leg, try not to travel alone. Having someone else there to hold the baby, or give you a breather is just magical. Plus if all else fails you can hand your baby over and go curl up in a ball yourself and rock back and forth for a while.

I really wish airports would cater to families and make them more friendly to children. Maybe like an airline club there should be a children’s club area.

It will be interesting what our next trip will be like because no doubt our son will be walking and probably talking by that stage. Oh joy!


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  1. D
    Mar 09, 2011 @ 07:45:40

    This is why I love Adelaide airport i’ve been to a lot of other cities airports and yet to find one a kid friendly as Adelaide, they actually have a play group with a small little playground TV’s and also sink and microwave for parents, it was such a godsend and I can assure you everytime I travel to Adelaide we run to the play room. Especially when I always travel alone with my daughter, I think every airport should have one, sometimes its tough travelling with a child


    • caspette
      Mar 09, 2011 @ 21:22:20

      Wow that is awesome. I had heard rumours of some airports having kid friendly areas but have not heard or seen anything first hand.

      It is good to know Adelaide has such a good airport. Maybe I will just have to start holidaying in Adelaide.


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