Which Nappy Next?–Follow up

Back in December I wrote about “Which Nappy Next?” which discussed infant sized nappies.  This post follows up on which nappies we tried and how they stacked up.

The Factors

If you look at on-line forums you will find different people highly recommend or highly dislike various nappies.  I think it really can come down to the size of your baby and what your needs are.  Our bubby is relatively slim, so perhaps this may have affected the results.  As each nappy covers about a 4-5kg range, different nappies will fit your baby better at different times as they grow.  And when your baby does a number 3 (most commonly in the car capsule in our case), nothing is going to contain it!  It may just be that certain nappies will minimise the damage better than the others.  Perhaps it is worthwhile trying different nappies as your baby grows, as you may find your favourite nappy may change.

The Nappies

Huggies – Newborn (<5kg), Infant (4-8kg) & Crawler (6-11kg) sizes – We found these to be the most absorbent and most reliable.  However, they are also the most expensive at about 33c a nappy when they are on sale.

Baby Love – Infant (3-8kg) – These were the best fitting and softest nappies, and only marginally less absorbent than Huggies.  Not much of a price difference though.

Snugglers – Small (<8kg) – Again, not quite as absorbent as the Huggies nappies, and not too much of a price differential, but do a reasonable job.  We found that their smallest size was too big for our baby until she reached the 6kg mark.

Mamia (Aldi) – Infant (4-8kg) & Crawler (6-11kg) sizes – Without doubt the best value for money at 25/27c per nappy.  Not as absorbent as the Huggies nappies, and not as soft or well fitting as the Baby Loves, but generally does what it needs to do.

Comfy Bots (Coles) – (Medium 5-11kg) – Found these to be way too big until our bub reached the 6.5kg mark.  Have only used these a few times and have been disappointed as they have leaked.  However, this may well have been because these occasions coincided with some number 3’s (poo explosions!).  Seem to do ok for your normal wees. (Update 29/3/2011: they have been more than fine since our baby has been on solids, but I am guessing the same will apply to all of the above trialled nappies)

The Solution (for us)

So in the end, we have continued to use Huggies overnight, for car trips, and for outings, with the Mamia nappies for everyday use at home.  However, I would also consider using Baby Love nappies in place of the Huggies nappies.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tam
    Feb 23, 2011 @ 19:37:09

    Did you ever happen to try the Big W Dymples brand nappies? I’m thinking about giving them ago, they are SO cheap but would like to know about all the factors you reviewed before buying them. If they’re garbage I can’t afford to chuck them lol.


    • Rainbowg
      Feb 23, 2011 @ 22:38:16

      Unfortunatley no, I didn’t try the Big W Dymples brand. Only the ones I listed above. I used the most recent Choice Online reivew as a starting point, and tried a few of the higher scoring nappies.

      Just did a search and found some reviews on some forums. Mostly people were happy with them, only saw one comment that was unsatisfied, so I would give them a go!


  2. caspette
    Feb 23, 2011 @ 21:32:06

    We have only tried three brands and one can not be bought in Oz. Out of Huggies and Babylove, we found babylove to be best. I have friends though down south who swear by the Aldi ones but alas that company is not in the far tropical north so wouldn’t know first hand if they were any good.

    Thanks for the update because I think as your baby grows the brands start to differ in how well they fit. Huggies were great for us when our son was newborn but we dont like the crawler versions of the nappy.


    • Rainbowg
      Feb 23, 2011 @ 22:41:40

      Interesting that you preferred the Babylove to Huggies. Although I have to say that I really liked the softness of them compared to other nappies.

      It really does depend on what stage your baby is at. Now that our little one is on solids, I think leaky poos will be less of an issue, and we might be able to get away with using the cheaper nappies more often.


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