Rolling Along

baby-boy-rolling-carpetLast Friday, during mother’s group, I asked some of the other mothers whether there were behaviours they observed leading up to their babies rolling.  Jade had been showing no interest in rolling at all so far.  Then that night, about 15 minutes after putting her down in her cot at bed-time, I went in to check on her and found her on her stomach.  Just like that.  We returned her onto her back… 5 more times before she finally fell asleep.

I have been so excited for her to roll, and now that she has I’m not sure I want her to anymore!  She had got into a rhythm of falling to sleep without any fuss in her Wrap Me Up, but now that she is rolling we have had to graduate her to a sleeping bag and as a result she is not settling as quickly or painlessly. We have to keep an eye on her on the change table and flip her over when she is on the floor, rolls over and starts to complain.

While I am incredibly proud of how she is developing, I am a little sad to see her growing up so quickly, and now she requires a little more vigilance.  I anticipate it will be the same once she starts to crawl and walk.  Exciting, but challenging time ahead.


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  1. caspette
    Feb 01, 2011 @ 21:54:55

    Oh Yeah wait till she crawls, and then walks. We are not at walking stage but crawling has been traumatic enough. You always have to be on your toes.

    Plus now our little man has worked out how to climb. Freaking heck! tonight he crawled onto a box and was banging and bouncing on it. Neither of us saw him do it (I was in the bedroom), one minute he was sitting next to the box hitting it, then I heard a cry from hubby calling me over quick smart. There was our son pleased as punch bouncing on this box that was wobbling dangerously. Heart in mouth moment thats for sure!


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