OMG I’m Turning Into A Hippy

This is not an insult. I’m illustrating a point. Stay with me on this.

While I was a happy clueless DINK I had pretty strong views on motherhood. I was never going to breastfeed (icky I wasn’t going to show my breast in public eeww), was never going to co-sleep (need my own space, and not safe), and was never going to use cloth nappies (too much work and icky). Was certainly never going to be a Stay At Home Mum (I would be bored with nothing to do), and I was going to go on fabulous trips overseas and leave my child with its Grandparents. I understood there would have to be changes but they would be things like not going to a club to party any more (no biggy for us as we didn’t do that anyway).

But something went wrong. My plan went pear-shaped. Suddenly things were not as black and white anymore.

Firstly we put our son’s bassinet (and now cot) in our bedroom partly because we hadn’t finished de-cluttering his room, and partly because it would make things easier for us. Not a big dramatic step, in fact we barely noticed it. Then I gave up my book collection. The second bedroom (now our son’s room) was my personal library up to this point, and I had over 200 books. I got rid of pretty much all of them, keeping only a few. This was a huge moment for me as books are one of my passions.

Then in the hospital I decided to give breast-feeding a go. Literally at the last-minute as he was being put in my arms. I figured our son is most likely going to be an only child so I should give it a go, and if it didn’t work I can always switch to formula. This was a pretty big step for me, and I was still terrified of breast-feeding in front of people (if friends came over I would banish myself to the bedroom).

Slowly our son came to sleep in our bed as well. First it was the odd hour/sleep here and there; in fact so rare it was barely mentionable. Then after his hospital stay and subsequent sickness, he has almost moved in permanently. In fact we got rid of our bed frame and put the mattress on the floor to make it safer for him.

We went on an overseas trip as well. It was a work trip for my partner and we were not actually allowed to take our son. Children were banned. But it never entered our minds to not take him. We did everything in our power to smuggle him over instead, and we did it.

Then last week I bought some modern cloth nappies. A light bulb went off and I sat shocked for a good ten minutes as the realization washed over me. I have turned into a hippy.

Gone was the super efficient, career minded, world traveler that did what she pleased. In her place was this relaxed (albeit tired), happy person, who cleaned her floors at least once a week (vacuum and mop), was actually cooking meals (I might point cooking and cleaning used to top my hate list) and didn’t care if she didn’t see the end of a movie.

It then occurred to me just how much the last year has changed me, better or for worse (jury is still out). Part of it was just plain naivety, I had no experience around babies or children so simply had no idea of what was involved when it came to caring for a child. But a lot is just changes pure and simple.

It’s not just me either. My darling hubby has also changed. His beloved PC gear collection (10 PC’s at one stage) all went out the door, his lovely turbo charged V6 Ford has just been traded in (at no prompting by me as I actually liked the car), and he is happy with my little Toyota Corolla (for the time being).

So when someone makes the comment “don’t let your child change your life” tell them they are speaking out of their ass. Because your life changes in so many ways both big and small that the statement is so stupid. So far I have to say the changes in myself, though frightening, are probably for the better (I’m still not sold on the whole cleaning thing. One day I will earn enough money I can hire a cleaner).


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  1. Rainbowg
    Feb 01, 2011 @ 23:13:13

    lol – it’s so true that your life changes completely, and I think most parents will agree they wouldn’t have it any other way. Being 100% responsible for someone else really shifts your priorities and behaviours.

    Really interested to hear what you think of the cloth nappies… perhaps a future post?


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