Wrap Me Up


One of my favourite gifts we were given when Jade was born was the Wrap Me Up swaddle by Love Me baby


We loved it so much that when she grew out of it we bought two of the next size up.

Babies sleep better when they are swaddled so that when the startle reflex kicks in they don’t wake themselves up.  Jade never liked having her arms wrapped up though, so we wrapped her loosely and she always managed to get her arms out. 

The beauty of the Wrap Me Up is that the baby’s arms are encased at shoulder height so that they can’t startle themselves, but at the same time they can still put their hands in their mouths to self settle.

Another bonus is that you just put the baby in it and Zzzzzippp!  Much easier than all the complicated swaddling methods.

They come in several different sizes, and several different colours.  They also make one in organic cotton, and a lighter version for summer too.  I have seen them both at Baby Bunting and Mothercare.

The only thing I am not sure of is whether we will have to stop using them once she starts rolling over.

A baby product I highly recommend.


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  1. toyboxtales
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 22:39:57

    From what I have read once they can roll back to front/front to back then swaddling does become redundant. Having said that I know people who have used those Grobag things till their little baby pretty much climbed out of the cot.

    I would just let Jade be your guide she will let you know when she is a “big girl” and doesnt need her swaddle 🙂

    A wonderful idea. I wish we had known about this at the time.


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