Which nappy next? – Infant sized dilemma

As the mother-to-be of a newborn, the dilemma was whether to go with cloth or disposable nappies.  As is most frequently the case nowadays, we decided to go with disposable for the convenience.  At the time, not having a clue, and having many other things to worry about, we decided to go with Huggies for newborns as they were well reputed.  Turned out to be a good decision, as they served us well, with no leaks that I can remember and the very handy green line to indicate wetness.

The New Dilemma

Recently our little lass hit the 5kg mark so it was time to move on from Huggies newborns.  But which brand of nappies to go with next?  Based on the top 4 results from a Choice test/survey, here are some considerations:

The Contenders

– Why?:  The natural choice was to continue using Huggies.  Most would agree they are the most absorbent and best quality nappy.  They get the highest score from Choice
– Cost Consideration: With quality comes a price, they are one of the more expensive brands.  Strangely,  the supermarkets and department stores, which are best for discounts on bulk boxes of Huggies nappies, do not sell the infant size (4-8kg) in boxes.  What’s with that??  Baby Bunting does sell them in boxes, but they still come out at 39 cents per nappy.  I am told you may be able to get these cheaper at Costco too.
– Verdict: I found the jump from the newborn to infant size was a big one.  The infant Huggies are huge on Jade, almost coming up to her chest, and as a result there has been leakage (perhaps a bigger baby means more number threes?).  The wetness indicator has disappeared for the infant size which is somewhat disappointing.  However, I still think they are very absorbent and trustworthy, good for those longer stretches at night (if your baby is sleeping longer at night that is!) or for when you know you are going to be out for a while. 

Mamia (Aldi)
Why?: Word of mouth has it that these are the best value for money. 
– Cost: At 25 cents per nappy, you can almost use two of these for every Huggies nappy.
Verdict: Also toted to suit 4-8kg babies, these seem to fit better than the Huggies of the same size.  They do a reasonably good job of holding all the smelly stuff in, although we have had a few messy leaks.  This seems to occur when Jade is in the car capsule, and also happened with the Huggies nappy, so it could well be the situation rather than the nappy.  How the poo manages to escape upwards out of the nappy at the waist band is beyond me!!  The Mamia nappies are pretty good, especially given their price, although perhaps not quite as absorbent as Huggies nappies.

Most shops I have checked, only seem to sell the 6kg onwards, so we have not tried these yet.  The website does show they have a small size which fits up to 8kgs, so I might try and get a sampler.

Comfy Bots (Coles)
I have bought a pack of these, but have not tried them as yet.  They are for 5-11kgs so I am envisaging they may be even larger than the Huggies.  Plan to give them a go soon, and perhaps give an update in the comments to this post.    At about 29 cents a nappy, they are pretty reasonably priced.

The Solution

Given the above, we are currently using Mamia nappies during the day and Huggies at night and for longer trips in the car.

What nappies did you use a the infant stage, or what are you currently using and why?


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. caspette
    Dec 07, 2010 @ 06:51:15

    We use Babylove. We find them to be best value and best size wise. We have used them ever since the little man out grew newborns. We have yet to have a major poo leak.

    We used a brand in Hawaii which was good called mums choise (or something like that). Have not seen them here in Australia though.


  2. Rainbowg
    Dec 07, 2010 @ 15:08:08

    Thanks Mandy, I picked up a pack of Babylove nappies today, and will give them a go.


  3. Kath
    Dec 07, 2010 @ 18:22:51

    I used Huggies for newborn nappies, but have used Aldi Mamia nappies ever since (2+ years). I found the Mamia newborn nappies too big for my newborn (born 3.25kg), but they have worked well ever since.


  4. Rainbowg
    Dec 07, 2010 @ 20:40:25

    That’s funny, because I would have thought 3.25kg is close to an average sized baby. You really can’t go past the Mamia nappies for value for money, can you? I’m interested to see how the other nappies go, but I think I will continue to use the Mamia nappies.


  5. Kath
    Dec 08, 2010 @ 08:24:21

    They’re very good value for money. The Mamia baby wipes are fantastic too. They’re also useful around the house for quick cleaning. We’ve even cleaned our leather couch with them!


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